Moving towards a sustainable future with OEKO-TEX®.

Brand, retailer or manufacturer – the OEKO-TEX® system gives you peace of mind in every area.

Lead the way. Act sustainably.

Master the growing demands on the market – with OEKO-TEX®.

Our tailored solutions help you achieve your goals in every aspect of sustainable business. Show your foresight and proactive initiative in relation to product responsibility. For a sustainable future. For you, your customers and the consumer.

  • Effective consumer protection
  • Sustainable chemical management
  • Environmentally friendly production technology
  • Socially responsible working conditions
  • Transparent supply chain management
  • Sustainable procurement
Input control

Make sure that the substances you use, such as textile chemicals, dyes and accessories, meet specific requirements in relation to sustainable textile production.

Process control

Transparently document your sustainable production and working conditions and assess whether your processes throughout the textile supply chain meet the objectives of the Greenpeace Detox campaign.

Output control

A credible way to show that all the components of your product meet the requirements for testing textiles or leather products for harmful substances. Furthermore, show that your products have been manufactured in environmentally friendly production facilities under socially responsible working conditions.


Build reliable partnerships along the textile supply chain and utilize an attractive platform for advertising your OEKO-TEX® product range or the sustainability of your production processes.

Supply chain management

Control and assess your suppliers along the textile value creation chain in terms of sustainability and manage your existing OEKO-TEX® certificates with clarity.

Modular system

Anyone who uses the individual modules in the modular OEKO-TEX® system can save time and money in implementing sustainability measures at an operational level.